Sampson County was established in 1784 and is now home to eight incorporated municipalities, with the city of Clinton being the county seat. One of the most productive agricultural areas in the U.S., Sampson County and its communities are quickly becoming known for their business friendly environment and solid labor force. Learn more at Sampson County Government.

Town of Autryville

Located on the west side of Sampson County along the banks of the South River, Autryville was founded in 1890 by Captain James L. Autry.

Contact Information:
PO Drawer 10
Autryville, NC 28318
Phone: 910-525-4567
Fax: 910-525-0244

City of Clinton

Clinton, established in 1852 and located near the geographic center of the county, is the oldest and largest municipality in Sampson County. It is also the county seat.

Contact Information:
PO Box 199
Clinton, NC 28329
Phone: 910-592-1961
Fax: 910-590-3127

Town of Garland

Located in the southern part of Sampson County 14 miles from Clinton, the Town of Garland was incorporated in 1907. While the town only occupies 1 square mile, it is home to approximately 45 small businesses.

Contact Information:
PO Box 207
Garland, NC 28441
Phone: 910-529-4141
Fax: 910-529-1393

Town of Harrells

Incorporated in 1943 as Harrells Store, the town changed its name to Harrells in 1952. The southern-most town in Sampson County, it is home to Harrells Christian Academy, the county’s largest private school.

Contact Information:
PO Box 82
Harrells, NC 28444
Phone: 910-532-4040
Fax: 910-532-6031

Town of Newton Grove

Adjacent to Interstate 40, at the intersection of US 13 and NC 50/55, Newton Grove was incorporated in 1935 as the county’s northern-most town. Only 35 miles to Fayetteville and 45 miles to Raleigh, Newton Grove enjoys easy access to some of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the southeastern US.

Contact Information:
PO Box 4
Newton Grove, NC 28366
Phone: 910-594-0827
Fax: 910-236-9018

Town of Roseboro

Incorporated in 1891, Roseboro was named after the secretary of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway, John M. Rose. The town is situated in the western half of Sampson County, at the intersection of NC 24 and NC 242.

Contact Information:
PO Box 848
Roseboro, NC 28382
Phone: 910-525-4121
Fax: 910-525-3133

Town of Salemburg

Salemburg, located in the western half of Sampson County and incorporated in 1905, was named after the Old Salem Baptist Church. In 1914, the Rockefeller Foundation named Salemburg the first Model Community in the USA.

Contact Information:
PO Box 190
Salemburg, NC 28385
Phone: 910-525-5650
Fax: 910-525-3023

Town of Turkey

Incorporated in 1913 and named after Turkey Creek, the Town of Turkey is located on the eastern side of Sampson County. NC Hwy 24, which runs through Turkey, will be upgraded to a 4-lane median divided highway to I-95 in 2011, and to I-40 in 2013.

Contact Information:
PO Box 55
Turkey, NC 28393
Phone: 910-592-7273
Fax: 910-592-7273

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