A recent survey shows that employers have a high level of satisfaction with existing employees and the quality of new job applicants in Sampson County. Thanks to its status as a right to work state, North Carolina has one of the lowest unionization rates in the country.

Available Labor Summary of the Sampson County I-40 Region
The Sampson County EDC has completed an Available Labor Summary (2MB PDF) on the 30 and 45 mile radius of I-40 in Sampson County.

Sampson County Employment / Unemployment Statistics:  June 2018

Labor Force 29,363
Employed 28,093
Unemployed  1,270
Unemployment Rate  4.3%

Source: NC Dept of Commerce -  Division of Employment Security

Workforce Training

In addition to its curriculum and continuing education offerings, Sampson Community College is able to provide eligible new and expanding industries with customized workforce training – often at no cost to the employer. This program is often cited as a top reason companies relocate, expand and succeed in the State of North Carolina.

Commuting Patterns

Thanks to an excellent highway and interstate infrastructure, Sampson County employers are able to draw their workforce from a much larger area than just Sampson County.  In fact, people frequently choose to drive 30 minutes or more to get to top area employers.  And in an area where 30 minutes typically means 30 miles, you’ll have access to a population base of more than 330,000 people.

Sampson County I-40 Region Commuting Patterns
10,112 Workers Commute Daily WITHIN the I-40 Region
41,427 Workers Commute Daily OUT of the I-40 Region

Sampson Southeast Business Center Commuting Patterns

22,399 Workers Commute Daily INTO the SSBC Region
22,990 Workers Commute Daily OUT of the SSBC Region

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