DuBose Strapping Expansion Complete

The installation of the Dubose Strapping, Inc. plastic line expansion is complete. The Dubose family added the new plastic strapping production line to meet the trends of their industry sector as well as support their customer’s needs. The expansion included the construction of a 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing building located at their current location in the Sampson Southeast Business Center industrial park in Clinton. The building and equipment investment exceeds $ 9.4 million, with 24 new jobs added and a total of 34 planned for this new plastics strapping production line. This new facility will produce 900 tons of plastic strapping per month.

Sampson County EDC worked to form partnerships to develop an incentive package to support the DuBose Strapping expansion by forming alliances between Sampson County, City of Clinton and the NC Department of Commerce. The NCDOC provided a grant of $139,000 from their One N.C. Fund. Sampson County and City of Clinton are providing a performance based incentive package of approximately $231, 453 which will be made in annual payments over 5 years. Each of the payments will be made only after Dubose Strapping, Inc. has maintained their investment commitment and employment levels. On an annual basis, the payment of the incentives will be made only after Dubose Strapping has paid their property taxes for current tax year.