Sampson County is poised for significant growth in the distribution and logistics industry. Consider these factors:

  • Abundant available land at interstate 40 interchanges.  Large enough for major distribution centers including requisite parking and turn-around areas.
  • A location near the intersection of two major interstates; I-40 running east/west the entire length of the country, and 1-95 running north/south— also the entire length of the country. All in an area with no congestion.
  • Located in the central part of the east coast, with easy access to a majority of the nation’s population – including the fast growing southeast, and some of the fastest growing markets within a few hours drive.
  • Easy access to several deepwater parts including the Port of Wilmington (one hour away), which thanks to recent investments has immediate capacity for significant growth.

For more information, including a detailed labor and location analysis, download our Distribution Report (4.5MB)