Corporate Taxes

For more information on State of North Carolina taxes, please visit the North Carolina Department of Revenue. There is no local corporate income tax.

Corporate Income Tax Rate


Property tax on inventory


Franchise Tax

$1.50 per $1,000 of the largest of:
• Capital Stock, surplus and undivided profits
• 55% of appraised tax value of all tangible property in NC
• Actual investment in tangible property in NC

Retail Sales and Use

7% (4.75% - State, 2.25% - County)

Property Tax

In North Carolina, businesses and individuals located in an incorporated municipality pay both municipal and county property tax.

FY 11-12 Property Tax Rates (Per $100 of Assessed Value)
Sampson County $0.785
Autryville $0.50
Clinton $0.40
Faison $0.53
Garland $0.72
Harrells $0.13
Newton Grove $0.35
Roseboro $0.69
Salemburg $0.30
Turkey $0.24

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