“The greatest incentives a community can offer new and expanding businesses are not financial. Rather, it is a business-friendly environment in which one can easily navigate through planning and permitting processes.”

- Stephen Barrington, Executive Director
  Sampson County Economic Development Commission


Sampson County is committed to growth that yields new jobs and increases the non-residential tax base. Sampson County and the City of Clinton, in addition to the State of North Carolina, offer qualified new and expanding businesses’ incentives. Depending on the funding source, incentives are in the form of grants, low-interest loans, or workforce training funds.

As you consider Sampson County for your new business location or expansion, allow our team to work with yours to identify incentive eligibility and navigate the process.



Sampson County$0.825
Town of Autryville$0.50
City of Clinton$0.40
Town of Garland$0.72
Town of Harrells$0.19
Town of Newton Grove$0.38
Town of Roseboro$0.66
Town of Salemburg$0.30
Town of Turkey$0.27

Other Local Tax

Clinton Supplemental (Special School District)$0.145
Fire District$0.035 - $0.10

Sales Tax

4.75% (State of NC) + 2.25% (Sampson County) = 7% (combined sales tax rate)

There is no sales tax on Machinery & Equipment used in manufacturing processes. However, there is a 1% franchise tax, not to exceed $80 per article.

Inventory Tax

There is no inventory tax in North Carolina

NC Corporate Income Tax


NC Personal Income Tax